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Card Swiper Attacks Are Now Targeting WooCommerce Sites

Credit cards swipers have discovered a hard-to-detect method to target WordPress websites using the WooCommerce plugin by covertly modifying legitimate JavaScript files. That’s according to web security organization Sucuri, which has detailed a recent attack it was called into investigate in a website that had experienced a mysterious spate of credit card scams. Information on [...]

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A UI framework, Bootstrap used by 20% of web platforms, is ditching IE support

Bootstrap, a web framework utilized by a fifth of most web platforms plans to drop support for Internet Explorer 10 and 11. The move is slated for Bootstrap v5, which is set to be released later this year. This user interface (UI) framework at first was designed by Twitter and later on open-sourced it. The [...]

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Deciding The Right Web Design Platform To Use

If all you need is just a quick and easy website, you might just feel like hiring a web designer and letting them handle it. We are always in hand to give you a bespoke design. Get in touch. However, out there, it’s crucial to know the basic cons and pros of the most popular [...]

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Using WHOIS Domain Lookup Tools to Identify Malicious Domains & Prove Misuse

Presumptive conclusion or inference shows that a bit of evidence is usually authentic based on additional facts identified by the law. When the authorities and cybersecurity researchers investigate cases, they run into strong evidence which may be deficient by themselves to implicate a victim or move a case forward. That said, since the conditions bordering [...]

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Deciding On The Right CMS For Your Web Project

Businesses today are tasked with providing an engaging customer experience (across all digital touchpoints) to achieve success. From a marketing perspective, it is very important that content is normally distributed across all obtainable customer devices including websites for PCs, tablets and mobiles, and also content for other devices, such as watches and wearables. The simplest [...]

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Discerning and Debunking Common AMP Myths

The AMP project turns four-years this month and has turned into a common presence in the internet browsing experience since its late February 2016 launch. Beyond that period, AMP has been subject to hype, even outright misrepresentation, wish and misconception. A cursory internet search will yield many content articles on AMP with too many repeating [...]

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Trojanized Free WordPress Premium Themes Endangers Web Servers

Over 20,000 web servers (and who knows just how many websites) have already been compromised via trojanized WordPress themes to supply malware through malicious ads, Prevailion researchers discovered. “This is probably due to the fact that many lack the required funding or human capital to create a completely custom website, unlike larger, more established firms,” [...]

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WordPress Role In The Era Of Digital Commerce

Let's see the best way to combine content and Commerce using WordPress as a CMS to stay ahead in the global market in this era of Digital Commerce. Initially, WordPress was a blogging tool. When you needed to host a weblog under your website (there was clearly no WordPress.com in the past) you would download [...]

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Sectigo Launches New Web Security Platform

First certificate authority to provide a complete automated security solution to encrypt, scan, clean, monitor, patch, backup, and restore websites The typical cost of a malware and web-based attack on a business is $1.4M (Accenture study), yet despite having destructive malware attacks up 200% in 2019, a large number of business websites remain susceptible to [...]

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ICANN Grants Price of .COM Increase, Gets More Income

On January 3, 2020, ICANN announced significant adjustments to the agreement it has with Verisign, Inc. to operate the top-level domain .COM. Operator of the dot-com registry, Verisign, has decided to pay out DNS overseer ICANN $4 million a year for another five years to be able to "educate the wider ICANN community about safety [...]

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