Hovton Holdings Web Project


We are very much grateful unto God to still bless us with an opportunity to have another project closed and completed. Hovton Holdings Corp, an Investment Holding Company headquartered in Ontario, Canada. This is our, as at the time, the latest bespoke website design we did and accomplished for an esteemed organisation. We are very [...]

Orasopee Communication Website


In a moment when Orasopee Communication needed to give their online presence a new look, an online presence to convey their passion and tailor services. Deft Packet was called upon to give them exactly what they have in mind, and how they want it to look like online. It was with great attentiveness to the details of the [...]

CribsNG Real Estate Publishing Platform


This, a bespoke website design project we did for CribsNG. We are very much glad to have achieve this, and very happy to satisfy our client's envisaged design for their website. The idea, is quite different from what we think it is. They wanted a publishing platform for "Land and Properties" as well as accommodate other [...]

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