A gallery of all our graphic design, Business Cards, Emails, Eetters, the Envelopes they arrive in, Proposal documents in presentation folder, etc.

Two Separate Designed Flyers for Scott & Masters


Deft Packet have a new accomplished designed flyers for our wonderful client; "Scott & Masters", a Green Energy Solution company. They specifically wanted a prototype design and will welcome our own contribution in the same. Guess what? We did not failed one bit. They got exactly what they want from us and are satisfied, which [...]

A. G. Ademola Promotional Flyer


Graciously, we have the opportunity to put in our creativity to effect by working with A. G. Ademola in designing their promotional products' flyer for both Print and online Campaign. And also, digitally crafting their logo to depict who and what they are. Our happiness, was when we received a gratified, "THANK YOU!" phrase for a job well [...]