Website Design & Development

A great website can lead to your next client, sale or partnership, so it is important that you get it right. Whether you need a new website or are looking to improve an existing one, the Deft Packet design team designs beautiful and meaningful websites that serve a purpose; to connect with your audience. Thus, we’ll deliver you a website that’s fast, easy to manage and effective. The principles of great design and modern development are applicable to every web project we engage in. One hundred percent bespoke design and build, fully responsive and Searchworthy.

At Deft Packet, we understand that there are many factors that affect the functionality of a website. It’s not just about how good your website looks, but how easy it is to use. A website that is poorly designed will not perform well and will not serve its purpose. If a customer does not like what they see on your website, it is likely they will move straight onto the next site. A well planned and build site should win you new business. We build fast, lightweight sites that work on all devices and rank well in the search engines.

Website Development and Design


At Deft Packet we design and deliver full-featured ecommerce systems, that is:

  • Display your products beautifully and inspire confidence with a secure checkout. Fulfil your orders and ship to any country you wish.
  • Your ecommerce site having all the features that you expect when you shop online at big-name stores.
  • Detailed images and tabbed information to compare features and make an informed choice.
  • Vouchers, discounts and special offers to clinch the deal; related products and accessories to enhance sales. Filters and search tools to quickly find the right product.

A processed transaction is just a small part of any eCommerce website. We garnered years of experience in understanding the best methods to selling online, from easy management of your product inventory, through to the art of a ‘call to action’ so that customers “buy now”, which is a tool used to urge the user to complete a desired response.

Simple, Secure, Scalable

  • Simple – leave us with the complex coding. Your e-commerce site must be simple and easy for you to manage and maintain. Significantly, it must be simple for your customers to make purchase.
  • Secure – when shopping online, security is vital. You are assured and can rest easy that your transactions are secured by modern high-grade encryption mechnism.
  • Scalable – as your business grows, your online shop will grow with you with fluidity.
  • We’ll work to smoothly bridge the gap between your business and your customers

Content Management Systems

The ability to publish, edit, modify and organize content on a website in order to increase efficiency and search engine ranking. And is very essential in today’s fast-changing environment. Quality content on a website will not only give you high search rankings on google, but will attract potential customers. A website that is a helpful and authoritative source in a particular industry will build trust with those potential customers. If performed correctly, content management will strengthen the success of your website. A modern Content Management System or CMS allows you full control, not just to edit text but also to add images and video, and to add new pages to your website. So your site can grow as your business grows.

We have the expertise to assess your needs and help you deliver user-friendly, staff-safe content management solutions that allow you to make changes to all parts of your website when you need to. We will explain the features and advantages of the system in plain English, cutting through the jargon to help you reduce the confusion based on your business requirements. We even provide you with in-built analytics to see whether your changes made the right impact.

Content Management System

How can we help?

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Other Services From Us


Building strong brands that can create loyalty and add value for our clients has been our devout passion. We make sure you convey your message and project your core brand values. We have the originative expertise to deliver.


A quality graphic design projects accomplish the consummate balance between typography, colour and composition. We at Deft Packet, have the knowledge of this and always give you the best visualisation of your ideas.


We help our clients reach wide range of their target audience in a timely fashion and medium, ensuring their brand, products, and service are right in front of their customers. Deft Packet strives to put you in front of the digital business world.