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Branding involves researching and identifying opportunities within the market to establish where your organisation sits amongst your competitors. We will work with you to really understand your brand in order to establish your positioning concept. A strong, cohesive brand should stand at the very core of your business. It’s what your clients and customers will come to discern – and have confidence in – at every point of contact. Not only that, a strong brand will also play a pivotal role in the way you market and advertise your business. It needs to be clear, decisive and representative of your company ethos.

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Visual Individuality

Visual Individuality

Your brand’s visual individuality includes the logo, colour, graphics, typography, blurb, imagery, and materials and is an expression of your brand and company. It’s a declaration of who and what your business is. A uniformity, original, well-pitched and intelligent visual individuality ensures visibility in the market and expresses the values and ambitions of your organisation. Powerful and memorable graphic applications create touchpoints for stakeholders, employees and clients to identify with and influence their perceptions and actions.

Visual individuality is often confused with brand as it’s the surface of the iceberg, it’s what we can easily comprehend but it goes much deeper.

Brand Experience Should…

  • Speak the voice of the brand, deliver a clear message and strengthen credibility

  • Speak the language of its audience and attracts like minded businesses for collaboration

  • Break free of the noise around and cut-down company friction by unifying goals

  • Give meaning to sight, aiding your brand ecosystem

  • Move people, motivate buyers and create user loyalty

  • Inspire action, optimise impact

Brand Building

Branding can be difficult. It means pulling your business apart (metaphorically), really looking at it’s constituents, understanding, and defining them. Putting through a coherent and consistent visual individuality provides the bases for a trusted, professional brand, and protects its integrity and reputation within the market. However, a visual individuality is only effective when it is properly implemented, its usage strictly defined, and its behaviour consistently reflects a brand’s values.

These will be the traits and qualities your business values as its highest held priorities, its deeply held beliefs, its fundamental driving forces. This will create a mission for your business outside of just making profit, and that’s where an emotional connection can happen.

Because of this, Deft Packet consider Brand Building to be essential documents, ensuring that an individuality is correctly applied to all branded and communication materials. Guidelines in brand building are dynamic and may expand alongside the various requirements of a brand throughout its lifespan, documenting its evolution and safeguarding its authenticity – a bible for your brand.

Branding Building

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