All the collections of Deft Packet Website designs and developed projects from our noble and esteem clients.

Brouhaha Media – Be Calm Humour is your defense


"Brouhaha is an angelic and gentle platform but gets upset with an inane society. We love order and peace, war destroys the goats in our farms. We are against the potbellied cronies who put their interests first." This, an excerpts from Brouhaha Media website. It has happens to be a project Deft Packet have a [...]

Wirelects Global – Home of Electrics and Lights


Wirelects is an Electrical, Light, Home and Office retailer, which mostly deals directly from the Manufacturers abroad. A partner LEGRAND and some other "big guns" in the Electrical and Lighting Industry especially. They've been  a major in the Electrical and Lighting fittings mostly in Lagos having worked with and supplied some top esteemed organization here in [...]

LavaFount – The Activity of Creativity


As at the time of this writing, LavaFount Resources is Startup firm; an enterprise that lives for innovation. And takes a multi-dimensional look at business and societal challenges and proffer ideal solutions. It was time for them to go online and show the what they meant and prove the stuff they are made of. There, really was [...]



Glamondelivery is a one-stop destination for all your beauty and wellness needs. Glamondelivery brings your favorite services, along with our highly-vetted professionals directly to you; anytime, anywhere. Looking and feeling good has never been easier or more affordable. Deft Packet indeed gave their best to help Glamondelivery realize their vision and mission in the fashion [...]