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Shellshock bug already enabling botnet attacks

With a bug as dangerous as the "shellshock" security vulnerability discovered yesterday, it takes less than 24 hours to go from proof-of-concept to pandemic. As of Thursday, multiple attacks were already taking advantage of that vulnerability, a long-standing but undiscovered bug in the Linux and Mac tool Bash that makes it possible for hackers to [...]

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The days of credit card fraud are numbered

In 1960, an IBM engineer named Forrest Parry was developing a new type of ID card for the CIA when he had an epiphany: Why not make each card a tiny data storage device in and of itself? He cut a short length of half-inch wide magnetic tape from a reel and wrapped it around [...]

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We’ve Rebranded!

Teraky has been re-named Deft Packet, having a new domain - "www.deftpacket.com" and finally a new visual identity. Also, delivering our unique concept. We feel our new brand better reflects who we are, a modern and innovative company focused on our customers and passionate about our people and services. The rebranding is part of our [...]

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The Need To Have Office In The Air

There’s a popular saying that says; "Never build a Castle in the air". But today, with the influx of technology and information fluxing our global space. Thus, the need to have or build your Castle in the air is a must, an action that would defy the aforementioned quote for good. Also, to reach and [...]

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